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The following Armbruster Tents are available for purchase. If interested in renting, please visit our Tent Rental Divison.



vitabri tent, vitabri, durable pop up tent, canopy tent, french vitabri

vitabri tent, vitabri, durable pop up tent, canopy tent, french vitabri

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vitabri canopy, canopy pop up tent, canopy tents

Armbruster Mfg, Co. has recently aligned with Vitabri®, a French manufacturer of tents, to bring a reusable, structurally-sound canopy to the market. The canopy is suitable for all occasions.

  • Features an easy 30 second deployment
  • Canopy available in vinyl or polyester
  • Also available with sidewalls, panorama sidewalls, railskirts, wall options, gutters
  • Perfect application for the home, markets, indoor/outdoor commercial events, sports

vitabri, armbruster canopy, canopy tent, durable canopy, durable pop up tent

Three models of the Vitabri® Canopy are available: the V2, V3, and V4. The V2 offers cutting-edge technology on a small structure designed for optimal mobility. It touts a patented foot profile and an assistance system for deployment. Its legs are made of 4.32 inch thick aluminum. The V2 will deliver in all areas and provide you with the best canopy on the market.

The V3 retains the robustness of the V2, but incorporates a lighter overall frame for ease of transportation. It features 2 inch think aluminum tent legs. Aesthetic and innovative, the V3 was conceived to answer the needs of those who require an original covered space.

The V4 maintains many of the great features of the previous models, but at an ultra-reduced price. Locking pins along the legs of the V4 make for easy deployment and improved safety. With the V4, Armbruster Mfg, Co. and Vitabri® can provide you a quality canopy without the hefty price tag.

Compared to other canopies on the market, a Vitabri canopy is engineered to withstand many years of use and provide you a robust, yet lightweight structure for all of your canopy needs. The goal of Armbruster's partnership with Vitabri® is to offer consumers an alternative to the flimsy, cheaply-made canopies offered at many retail outlets that tend to blow apart within a few uses. The Armbruster name is synonymous with quality. We would not put our name alongside Vitabri® unless we truly believed in this product.

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celebration tent, armbruster tents, american tents, large tents, party tents, tent rental, american tents

celebration tent, armbruster tents, american tents, large tents, party tents, tent rental, american tents
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celebration frame tent, frame tent, pole tent, party tent, fair tent, purchase large tent

  • Widths: 10', 15', 20', 30'
  • Easy Storage & Transport
  • Certified Engineering
  • Simplicity & Easy Installation
  • Rental Solutions
  • Galvanized Steel (1.5") or Anodized Aluminum Frame (2.0")

Our number 1 seller, the Celebration® Frame Tent provides our customers a strong yet simple tent that requires no training to own and install. The Celebration® Frame Tent consists of a 2" anodized aluminum pipe framework with a 15-16 oz. vinyl roof cover. Utilizing advanced technology and typical Armbruster innovation, we have provided the answer to market demand for a Frame Tent. This system is effective while providing durability and a lifespan far exceeding the expectations of our many customers.

Frame Tents are popular because they offer no interior center poles, can be placed in locations where other tents may not, and are easy to erect and transport. Armbruster is unique to other manufacturers by offering custom sizes, the highest quality fabrics, a variety of colors, and graphics or signage only limited by your imagination. The Celebration® is used for party rentals, commercial uses, military ceremonies, or festival type applications....to name only a few.

The Celebration® is available in standard widths of 10', 15', 20', and 30' and modular in length. Many standard sizes are often in stock. Although, do not let us limit you; we specialize in any custom size you can imagine that is 30' or smaller in width. The Celebration® Frame Tent is available in the following standard colors as (1) solid color or in a (2) color striped pattern. Although, we often source custom colors for our customers at an additional charge. In addition, please take advantage of promoting your organization or firm with custom graphics or signage.

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pole tent, frame tent, fair tent, large fair tents, custom large tent, purchase tent

pole tent, celebration tent, large tent, large tents, party tent, party tents
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poletent, pole tent, circus tent, party tent, large tent

The PoleTent may have the greatest simplicity in its design, but its functionality, durability, and superior craftsmanship make it one of the most practical investments available. Armbruster has been manufacturing PoleTents since our inception in 1875. A PoleTent incorporates the following features:

  • Widths: 30', 40', 50', 60', 80', 90', 100'
  • Traditional Style Since 1875
  • 17 oz. Laminated Vinyl with options of 23 Coated Vinyl
  • Stainless Steel Hardware throughout
  • Rental & Long-term Use
  • Custom Sizing from 20' to 200' widths
  • Sectionalization and Expandability
  • Double Overlapping Rain Flaps
  • Premium Heavy Duty Fabrics that are Mildew and Flame Resistant and Conform to Code Requirements
  • Sidewall Vinyl Coated Cable and Detachable Sidewall
  • Advanced Ratchet Side Guy System
  • Rental Proven Quality for Maximum Return On Investment
  • Full Warranty
  • Liberal Trade-In Policy makes Upgrade Affordable
  • Engineered Pole Supports and Staking System
  • Full Service Field Installation Available

Armbruster has spent 135 years refining this product into what it is today…simply the best investment on the market. We use only the highest grade vinyl and stainless steel plates and hardware over powder coated aluminum or leather. We also use stainless steel grommets rather than brass thus offering unmatched strength. Rather than using rope braid wall lines, we use vinyl-coated aircraft cable. When our customers speak of Armbruster PoleTent, the expression “Attention to Detail” finds itself often repeated. This attention to detail will allow your Armbruster PoleTent to remain one of the best investments you make. No other manufacturer meets our Quality in our PoleTents.

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euro tent, european tent, large party tent, circus tents, purcahse large tent, rental

euro tent, european tent, large party tent, circus tents, purcahse large tent, rental
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In the early 1990’s, Armbruster led the industry in a new direction with the introduction of the EuroTent. The Armbruster EuroTent is a tensile hybrid structure, combining the simplicity of a poletent with the aesthetics and durability of a tension structure. It is available in single peaks of 20', 30', 40' and 50' widths or double peaks in 60', 80', and 100' widths. Both styles are modular in length. This versatile structure offers:

  • Strong Tensile Structure Design
  • Spacious Interior
  • Weatherproof Valance
  • 17 oz. Laminate & 23 oz. Coated Vinyl Available
  • Single & Twin Peaked
  • Double Rainflap Available
  • Modern Design with Conventional Installation Techniques
  • Available in Black-out or Translucent
  • 10' Pole Spacing on 40', 60', 80', and 100'
  • Rental & Long-term Use
  • Fully Certified Engineering

The Armbruster EuroTent features standard 10’ side pole spacing, 23oz. structural  grade fabrics, guy webs at no extra charge, and all stainless steel hardware. Tensioning is achieved through an unexposed 2” cantenary webbing system between side poles.

EuroTents are used by Tent Rental Companies nation and worldwide who want to set themselves apart from the competition. Hotels, resorts, and country clubs use EuroTents as seasonal or semi-permanent structures that can be floored, heated, or cooled as your situation may dictate. No other manufacturer incorporates the hardware or finishing details into their peaked tents as we do at Armbruster.

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tension tent, armbruster tension tent, frame structure, custom tent frame, american tent frame

clearspan structure, custome clearspan tent, large tent, large tents, party tents
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The Original TensionTent first introduced in 1990!  The Armbruster TensionTent is a revolutionary design concept incorporating the highest structural standards ever available in a tent system. Utilizing premium grade fabrics, all stainless steel hardware, and engineered structural grade anodized aluminum pipe, this true tension structure delivers unsurpassed quality and strength at an economical price. Each TensionTent is fully engineered, certifiable, and designed to exceed the most stringent code requirements. TensionTent features include:

  • 36', 48', 72' and 112' Widths with Lengths Expandable
  • 10-15 Year Life Expectancy
  • 17 oz. Laminate & 23 oz. Coated Vinyls Available
  • No Side Guys for Maximum Safety and Ease of Access
  • Aesthetic Design Provides Elegant Interior Space
  • Minimum Interior Obstruction for Maximum Usable Space 
  • Variety of Sidewall Options with the Patented Armbruster Weatherproof Closure System®
  • All-Weather Applications; Snow Load Upgrades Available
  • For Temporary or Permanent Use
  • Simplified, Foolproof Installation with True Articulating Tensioning System
  • First Time Set-up Supervision and Training Available as an Option

Why settle for less? The TensionTent offers the finest materials available combined with the Armbruster tradition of quality workmanship. It is the only modular snow rated TensionTent structure of it's kind that can be installed in a few hours. We 
challenge you to find a better value on the market today. We invite you to buy/rent one today - the standard by which all fabric structures will be compared.

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custom structure las vegas, clearspan structure, custom structure, temporary clearspan, temporary clearspan structure, temporary clearspan tent

custom structure las vegas, clearspan structure, custom structure, temporary clearspan, temporary clearspan structure, temporary clearspan tent
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Armbruster offers a variety of high quality Clearspan structures for both temporary and permanent applications in just about any size. We carry a variety of structure profiles to fit your needs in structures from 30ft to 100ft widths. Walkways, Temporary Warehouses, Stage Covers, Sand-Blasting Tents, and Convention Displays are only a few of the custom structures we have supplied in the past.

Options include traditional aluminum box beam clearspans for temporary storage or special event applications, or steel truss structures for permanent applications. Leasing options are available in our aluminum structures.

For more permanent application we offer steel truss snow rated structures with hot-dipped galvanized frames covered in new high quality premium PVC coated 23 oz vinyls. Standard structures meet IBC 2006 wind load of 90 mph exp C, 30 psf GSL - multiple profiles available depending on size and height requirements.  Options for the structures include:

  • Gable Mounted rollup doors
  • Access doors
  • Lighting packages
  • Engineering packages for your local area

With robust frames and long lasting, quality fabrics and construction, Armbrsuter is the solution for your clearspan needs.

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original ww2 tents, world war 2 tents, world war II tents, custom ww2 tents, american ww2 tent, army ww2 tent, world war 2 army tent

armbruster ww2 tent, original ww2 tent, original ww2 army tent

sewn ww2 tent, original sewn world war 2 tent

tent 24-T-323, army tent, world war tents, ww2 tents, original world war 2 tents, original ww2 tent
Stock No. 24-T-323
24-T-322, 24-T-322 tent, army tent, ww2 army tent, miliary tent ww2, custom ww2 tent, military tent from ww2
Stock No. 24-T-322
Stock No. 24-T-320
Stock No. 24-T-320
Stock No. 24-T-318-33
Stock No. 24-T-318-33

Stock No. 24-T-320-34
Stock No. 24-T-320-34


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Armbruster Mfg. Co. has built tents for the U.S. Government and the Red Cross since the turn of the century. Our first government orders began during WWI, then larger orders during WWII when 3 shifts of workers were used to complete wartime contracts. All types of tents were manufactured by Armbruster.

  • WWI peaked billeting tents and wall tents
  • Shelter Halves WWII open ended
  • Small Wall Tents
  • Large Wall Tents
  • Storage Tents
  • Command Post Tents
  • Hospital Ward Tents
  • Pyramidal Tents during WWII
  • Squad Tents
  • Large General Assembly Tents
  • 2 Story Tent Enclosures to work on B-17 and B-24 engines during the winter
  • Red Cross Tents of all sizes
  • And many customs sizes and shapes of canvas tents for every application

During WWII Armbruster Manufacturing Company made tens of thousands of WWII canvas shelter halves to support the war effort. Many of these are still in existence today and can be found on ebay for around $100 each. We have a few remaining original 1942 dated shelter halves which show the OD#3 colored canvas used during the war. The War Department at the time shipped the canvas, grommets, thread, and rope to tent suppliers like ourselves and we manufactured the tents to specifications provided. Government inspectors would often visit and walk through our plants to inspect outgoing shipments to the Quartermaster Depots. The last government contracts of canvas type tents were made during the Korean War by Armbruster. Armbruster still has the specification on hand in our files. Today Armbruster sells its modern vinyl tents to the Government under GSA contract GS-07F-0111V.

Armbruster has been making tents for the Military since 1875, and is proud to bring back these reproduction tents to help support a key part of U.S. History and the Greatest Generation.  The WWII tents we now offer include:

Tent, Fire-Resistant, Wall, Small, OD, Stock No. 24-T-323
Tent, F-R, Wall, Large, OD, Stock No. 24-T-322
Tent, F-R, Pyramidal, M-1934, OD, Stock No. 24-T-320
Tent, F-R, Post Command, 1942, OD, Stock No. 24-T-318-33
Tent, F-R, Squad, M-1942, OD, Stock No. 24-T-320-34
Fly, F-R Tent, Wall, Small, OD [8'x10']
Fly, F-R Tent, Wall, Large, OD [21'6" x 14'5"]

Armbruster WWII tents are made to last, just like the originals we manufactured over 65 years ago. Some people ask why our Canvas WWII tents are more expensive that other vendors on the market. The reasons why are these are not tents made for a set to be used one time. We take care to meet the original war time contract specifications and almost 70 years later that doesn't come cheap. Our tents are better choice for the following reasons:

  • These WWII Tents are American Made not imported
  • These tents are manufactured by the same manufacturer who made them during the War.
  • We use the same machines, stencils, and hardware, wherever possible, some dating from 1928.
  • We reference our original drawings and files on hand from the War era.
  • We source flame retardant, waterproofed 12.29oz OD cotton duck material not cheap untreated 10 oz canvas. It took years to source this authentic wartime spec material from U.S. suppliers. 
  • We build our Canvas tents with reinforcements, double stitching, reinforced webbing, heavy duty hardware - so these tents last just as long as than the originals. During the war Armbruster took extra care in each stitch for our servicemen, and we continue that tradition today.
  • We source authentic brass grommets, thread, cotton webbing, slides, and rope - some materials from our own stocks dated back to the 1940s. The slides, cotton tape and Cotton thread on our first run of tents was actually from the war era.
  • Lifespan of our WWII canvas tents is 30-40 years of regular use.
  • These are Milspec tents made to military specifications - not re-enactor grade tents that wear out after a few years. We don't make reproductions we make NEW MADE WARTIME CANVAS TENTS to U.S. Government Contract Specifications.
  • We have been making tents since 1875, with over 135 years of tent making experience. We stand behind our products and it shows.
  • These WWII Canvas tents are hand made by master craftsmen with over 40 years of tent manufacturing experience.
  • Because these tents are made by a TENTMAKER, the patterns are correct and they pull out properly to look like a tent! (and shed water properly). Other vendors tents don't pull out properly because the patterns are incorrect, or the sewing was done improperly.  We make tents not copies of them.
  • These tents are under full warranty back by a company who has been hand making tents since 1875.

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