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America's Oldest Tent Maker

Since 1875, Armbruster has been producing the finest tents available anywhere in the world. More than 135 years of engineering and expertise go into every tent we design and manufacture.

As testified to by a long list of repeated customers, no shortcuts are taken in the manufacture of an Armbruster tent. Our experience and quality are evident in the design of each and every tent, such as the stainless steel hardware with incorporate into each of our structures. All Armbruster tents are produced from the highest grade materials to provide you with superior quality. The finest flame retardant and mildew resistant coated vinyl and polyester fabrics are used in all Armbruster tents.

Other unique characteristics include premium polyester vinyl coated webbing, anodized aluminum, galvanized aircraft cable, and stainless steel plates and grommets. The result of this strict attention to detail is the safest, most durable tents on the market.  Our superior craftsmanship and finishing details are unmatched in the industry.

Beyond the quality of the materials are the design aesthetics. Armbruster tents feature a unique balanced two-color format that alternates color bands along seam lines. Balanced color formatting creates an eye-pleasing design that you won't find anywhere else. Our peaked tents are designed to withstand heavy winds, rain and snow yet have gentle curves and bands that make them the most elegant looking on the market.

Each Armbruster tent is backed by a 135 year commitment to excellence. From the classic look and quality of the Armbruster PoleTent®, to the durable Celebration®, to the elegant lines of the EuroTent®, to the unique designing of the Armbruster TensionTent®, we have you covered. Armbruster also offers a wide range of custom clearspans, and frame structures to fit your every need.  With Armbruster you will find the tent that is perfect for your application and budget.signature


R.H. Armbruster
1875 - 1922


W.C. Armbruster
1922 - 1970


B. Armbruster
1970 - 2007


B.H. Armbruster
2007 - Present